Michigan Fever Spreading...CB Blake Countess comes a Wolverine once again

On December 17, 2010 a 5-10, 175 lbs Army All-American corner back from Our Lady Good Council in Olney, Maryland by the name of Blake Countess committed to Michigan.  At the time of his commitment it had been no secret Michigan was in dire need of defensive recruits.  Garnering a commitment from the #20 ranked CB in the country got Michigan fans fired up.  That fire started to dim when a few weeks later former head coach Rich Rodriguez was fired.  On Jan 8, 2011 it was reported by Blake's parents their sons status had changed from committed to "committed but looking."  To the fanatical Michigan recruiting fan it was as if the sky was falling.  Just a few days after officially losing stud RB Demetrius Hart, the loss of Countess was like getting a right hook to the mouth in rapid succession.   

Fast forward a mere 17 days later and all seems well again!  Just under an hour ago Blake Countess reaffirmed his commitment to Michigan through his twitter account saying "and I’m staying solid with my decision to go to Michigan."  Countess reaffirmed his commitment just a short while after Greg Mattison spent time in the Countess home this evening. 

The news of Countess staying Blue is just another note of sweet music to Michigan fans ears. The last few days have been filled with sweet recruiting commitment symphony and fanatical fans all over are excited to see who is going to become the next Michigan Wolverine!

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