Wolverines Travel To East Lansing, Hope To End Skid

bildeAs you may or may have not heard, the Michigan Wolverines are struggling as of late. They have dropped their last 6 contests, which include a 7-point loss to Kansas in overtime and a 4-point loss to the rival Buckeyes. In short, the month of January hasn’t been kind to the Wolverines with only one win since the New Year on Jan. 2nd vs. Penn State.

Despite the struggles though, the Wolverines have given us a few glimpses of hope for the future since this team is mostly made up of freshman and sophomores (Zack Novak and Stu Douglass are juniors). The play of the second year player, Darius Morris, has been the most enjoyable for me this season. Morris has catapulted himself into the Big Ten’s elite as far as talent goes by averaging 15.5 points a game along with dropping 7 assists a game as well. That may not seem elite in some peoples eyes given the scoring droughts that this team suffers from every game, but consider that Morris averaged 4.4 ppg and 2.6 apg, and your jaw has to hit the floor. Also factor in that Morris shooting 10% better than he did last year and you see why I’ve been impressed with his game thus far this season.

In looking at Thursday’s match-up with the Spartans, two things stands out to me if the Wolverines want to pull off the upset at the Breslin Center and it has to be eliminating those scoring droughts and rebounding better. Too many times this season have we seen the Wolverines start slow and get hot before it’s too late or start hot and sputter. The Wolverines have also done a PITIFUL job at rebounding as of late. Look, I understand that this team is undersized, but the coaching staff has to find a way to get these guys at least trying to fight for rebounds or bang in the post for rebounds or else MSU is going to run away with this one early and fast. In any instance, the Wolverines have to pray they come out focused and don’t force too many young mistakes or this Spartans team will capitalize in an instant. Their backs are against the wall and I’m sure aren’t interested in being beaten by a team far less superior.

I’m going to avoid picking a score or who is going to win in this match-up as I really think the Wolverines could pull the upset, but could also see them being beaten like the ugly stepchild and being nearly ran out of the building by halftime. The key player for the Wolverines will have to be the play of Jordan Morgan in my opinion though. He will have to find a way to slow down Draymond Green whether it be taking control of the paint on the defensive end or playing well around the hoop on the offensive end, there is no question that he will be the key if the Wolverines look to upset MSU.

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