Fomer U-M QB Tate Forcier Looking AT 5 Schools

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A few weeks ago Tate Forcier decided to leave Michigan. Or was it Michigan decided to disembark from Tate Forcier?  Whichever side of the coin you are on will dictate the answer to that question.  Prior to his departure, Michigan fans already had an idea something was happening when Tate got sent back to Ann Arbor before the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, FL even began.  On the message boards rumors spread rampant about everything from grades to a lackluster attitude for the reason of his expedited travel back to Ann Arbor.  Read on to see what schools Tate is looking into.

Regardless of the reason for his departure and eventual dismissal from the University of Michigan, Joe Schad of ESPN gave everyone an update as to what schools Tate is looking into.  Here is the link Tates options for schools

1. Kansas State- Immediate opening

2. Washington- Closer to home.  With Jake Locker going pro the position is wide-open

3. Arizona-  Already stacked at QB with Foles and Scott in the limelight

4. Miami- Miami is without a QB for their 2011 class.  QB Jacoby Brissett chose the Florida Gators over Miami.  So now first year coach Al Golden needs to find himself a quarterback for depth purposes. Miamis depth chart is sitting pretty thin with only two quarterbacks at the moment.  Jacory Harris is a JR and Stephen Morris is a freshman

5. Montana- Immediate opening

With spring ball coming around the corner.  Tate will need to make his decision relativley soon.  Different schools have different rules for acquairing academic eligibility before they can be eligible for spring ball. If not he will have to wait until the summer to show off his skills. 

No matter what your opinion of Tate is. I for one, will always thank him for the 2009 Notre Dame game.  It was definitely a performance to remember.  I will also thank him for his guts and toughness for playing the 2009 season in shoulder pain for a majority of the season.

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