Former UM QB Taylor Owes Coach Hoke a Public Apology

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Former Michigan quarterback Michael Taylor went on a rant a few days ago about the hiring of Curt Mallory.  Click here to listen to his rant Taylors Rant 

Not only was Taylor's rant uncalled for but it wasn't even close to being true.  Click to read on to find out why this rant was fabricated and why Taylor has his own agenda in mind rather than the good of Michigan football.

 Coach Mallory is the new defensive backs coach for the Wolverines and former Michigan QB Michael Taylor is not happy about it.  I will get more into Coach Mallory's background later, but first I would like to address Taylor's very public on-air rant.  Brady Hoke did not "spit in the face of Corwin Brown" as said by Taylor, by not hiring Brown.  Taylor is also upset Coach Hoke did not immediatley return Brown's phone call when he tried to reach out to Hoke about the job opening. Coach Hoke doesn't owe anyone anything.  His time is more valuable bringing Michigan back to prominence than having to explain to former Michigan lettermen why he did not hire someone THEY wanted to be coaching.  Also, maybe Coach Hoke didn't want to call Brown back because he didn't want to have to tell him he wasn't as qualified for the job as Mallory is.  Can you imagine the public relations backlash he would've gotten for making a statement like that, no matter how factual it actually is.

Taylor went on to further state, “If you want to get down to the bare facts, you can put Corwin Brown’s résumé up against Mr. Curt Mallory, two lettermen, and it does not compare."  Since it was put out there by Taylor himself, lets go ahead and compare the two. 

1. Corwin Brown- Coach Brown spent eight seasons in the NFL with the Patriots, Jets and Lions. He was the 110th overall pick in the 1993 draft.  His rookie year was his most productive, starting 12 games.  After that season his playing time dramataically decreased. He played sparingly during those seasons. After that year he only started nine times in the next seven seasons.  After retiring from the NFL he began his coaching career as the special teams coach at Virginia from 2001-2003.  In 2004 he went on to be the defensive backs coach for the New York Jets for three seasons.  In 2007, Brown came back to college football and joined the Notre Dame coaching staff. At Notre Dame he coached defensive backs and linebackers and for a season was also the co-defensive coordinator.  After Weis was fired Brown did not return to Notre Dame.  Instead he opted to join the New England Patriots staff in 2010 but was fired just a few weeks ago.  Brown was a two year starter at Michigan and in 1992 was co-captain and named All-Big Ten as a defensive back.

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2. Curt Mallory- Coach Mallory began his coaching career in 1995 by coaching linebackers at Ball State. In 2000 he decided to switch to coaching Ball State's defensive secondary.  After that year he went on to Central Michigan for one year to coach their defensive secondary.  From 2002-2004 he was at Indiana.  He was again coaching defensive secondary.  In 2005 he went on to Illinois where he coached defensive secondary and was the co-defensive coordinator until 2011 when he was hired to coach defensive secondary at Michigan.  A two-time letterman under Coach Schembechler and Coach Moeller he was apart of five Big Ten Championship teams.  He was a vital part of Michigan's 1990 Gator Bowl victory with a key interception.  Like Corwin Brown, he was also a defensive back. 

So both men were lettermen at Michigan, both played defensive back, and both were respectfully good at their positions.  Brown played in the NFL for sometime, starting 20 or so games during his eight seasons.  Mallory never played in the NFL.  Brown began coaching in 2001 and has 10 years of coaching experience at both the NFL and Collegiate levels.  Mallory has been coaching college football since 1995, making stops at numerous different schools in different geographical locations.  The only stops Brown coached at in college were Virginia and Notre Dame. 

It is a fact in football that some coaches are better suited to coach in the NFL and some are better suited to coach in college.  One of the biggest differences between the two is recruiting.  In the NFL you don't have to recruit any players.  In college, recruiting is your team and your jobs lifeline.  In comparing the two resumes, as Taylor went on-air wanting to do, Coach Mallory has deeper roots when it comes to recruiting.  He has more experience coaching at the collegiate level, as well as more years of coaching experience.  Mallory has been praised for significantly improving Illinois secondary during his tenure.  Corwin Brown was just fired by the New England Patriots for "not being a good coach."  It is true, I'm not making this up.  Here is the link:
Brown fired by Patriots

So maybe the hiring of Coach Mallory wasn't about the "good ole boy system" as presumptuously stated by Taylor during his rant.  Maybe, just maybe, Coach Mallory is indisputably more qualified for the job than Corwin Brown is.  After all, I did just compare the two resumes to one another and the facts don't lie. 

To be frank, Taylor's rants were more about his own "good ole boy" not being hired than it was about anything else.  His rant wasn't even close to being factual and made him lose all sorts of credibility.  Someone needs to remind Taylor that Michigan fans and almni have had enough of people going on the radio or to the newspapers ranting and whining about the football program and head coach.  We have had way to much of that over the last several years. You cant say you support, "michigan football, period." in one breath and the very next go on-air spewing non-factual venom about the head coach.  Those two statements just don't coincide with one another.  If there is an issue between "lettermen" and the coach then that issue needs to be resolved behind-closed-doors, not over the airwaves.  All this rant accomplished was bring more negativity within Schembechler Hall.  Once again we have our head coach being "nailed to the cross" unfittingly over Michigan radio waves.  When is this going to stop?  When will the Michigan faithful get behind a coach and fully support him and his staff?  Frankly, Taylor doesn't know what happened behind close doors and is not as tuned into Schembechler Hall as some would think.  He lost that credibility when he very publicly showed his cards in respect to Dave Brandon by saying, "Jim Harbaugh and Les Miles" were not even offered.  Again, Taylor doesn't know what actually went on with the coaching search.  Jim Harbaugh was headed to the NFL no matter what and is it really that far off base to think David Brandon wanted a younger head coach to lead the team. Les Miles is in his 60's.  Brady Hoke is in his 50's. Who stays longer?  Hmmmm..

All the letterman and alumni and fans need to ensure they are spewing factual venom.  There is nothing worse than a former Michigan player bashing the coach.  It is even worse when the bashing is unsubstantiated.  Micheal Taylor should be ashamed of himself and offer Coach Hoke a public apology along the same radio waves he used to blast his crazy rant in the first place.


  1. So true Alan. Great write up.

    Go Blue!


  2. The only apology needed to be given is to Michael for being right...He spike truth