Mark Dantonio Quote Provides Motivation In Michigan Weight Room

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Before I get on my 'Dantonio soapbox' let us back up a little bit.  We all remember the craziness of the 2007 Michigan at Michigan State game.  With seven minutes to go Michigan was down by 10 points but quickly erased the deficit and came back to ultimately win. 

While the victory was sweet the feeling of being win-less since then leaves a sour taste in my mouth.  Michigan State has won three straight games against Michigan.  In 2008 they were so happy to have finally beaten Michigan they erected billboards to display just how arrogant some spartan fans can really be.  Personally it is said when you erect a billboard because you beat a horrible 3-9 Michigan team going through a dramatic transition.  A year later Michigan State barley beat a 5-7 Michigan team. 

MSU head football coach Mark Dantonio has never been very good at hiding his disdain for the University of Michigan, in particular for the football team.  One only has to remember his press conference after the 2007 Michigan/Michigan State game to feel just how much he hates Michigan football.  During the conference he made a few feeble attempts to show at least a small smidgen of class but for the most part it was one of the most classless conferences I have ever seen from a division I football coach. 

Mike Harts,"little-brother" comment:

Coaches' of other teams aren't supposed to go on camera making fun of the other teams players.  There is nothing with a little friendly, "we are going to beat them" or even "we don't like them" but Dantonio takes his hatred for Michigan and Michigan players to the next level.  While this isn't particularly surprising coming from the same coach that allowed his players to go from prison directly to the practice field it does show some insight as to what is wrong with the behavior and conduct of the Michigan State football team.

Rucker reinstated same day after leaving jail

It didn't take very long for the new Michigan staff to use the venomous words that come out of East Lansing against them.  In fact a quote by Mark Dantonio displaying his hatred for Michigan is front-and-center in Michigans weight room.  Brady Hoke knows all about the Michigan and Michigan State rivalry and rest assured he will place special emphasis on this game, the Ohio State game and the Notre Dame game.  I believe the focus for this year and next should be on beating not only the buckeyes but to silence the arrogance that comes out of East Lansing.  When Michigan beats Michigan State I am pretty sure you wont see any pathetic billboards going up all-around Michigan.  We will smack them in the mouth, win and then be on our way. 

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