Signing Day Showcase: OG Chris Bryant

Chirs Bryant -OG- 6'1" 330- 5.3, 40-yard dash
Chicago, Illinois  Simeon Vocational HS

Star Gazers- 3 *** Scout/ 4 **** Rivals
Offers: (4) Michigan, Arizona, Illinois, Pittsburgh
Rankings: Rivals: 19th nationally and 6th in Illinois/ Scout: #21 OG

Analysis:  In football the offensive line is the heart and soul of the team.  While the quarterbacks, receivers, running backs and some parts of the defense get all the glory, this is the group that works the hardest.  Being an offensive lineman requires great skills and smarts. Kids must be very coach able because technique and form are the biggest foundational aspects of what separates lineman.  Bryant is known to be an extremely coach able player.  He is big for a normal offensive guard. Most guards range from 6'0" to 6'5" and about 280-330 lbs.  There are usually 4 main points to a good offensive lineman: (1) Splits and Alignment-will get worked on with coaches.  Splits and Alignment are dependent on what play is being ran. (2) Firing off the line- Bryant has a quick first step when the ball is snapped.  He gets his hands up and sets into his technique quickly. (3) Stance- Bryant has good balance and shuffles well with his feet. This allows him to fire off the line and get into his stance/technique quickly.  (4) Holding a block- lineman need to generally hold blocks for about 4-6 seconds for an offense to thrive.  With strength (benches 395 lbs and squats 420 lbs), good footwork, agility and there is no doubt Bryant will be able to hold a block. 

Bryant holds a 3.6 core GPA and would like to major in Sports Medicine.

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