Tate Forcier Has Decided! (link)

A few days ago I posted Tate Foricer was looking at five schools to transfer to.  Tate 'destination' Post

Well it now seems as if he has made his decision.  Where you correct in your assumption of what school he would be picking?  Read on to see.

According to PalmBeachPost.com the former-UM Quarterback will be transferring to the Miami Hurricanes.  Tate to Miami

In my first post I listed tidbits on each destination.  Here is what was written about Miami, "Miami is without a QB for their 2011 class.  QB Jacoby Brissett chose the Florida Gators over Miami.  So now first year coach Al Golden needs to find himself a quarterback for depth purposes. Miamis depth chart is sitting pretty thin with only two quarterbacks at the moment.  Jacory Harris is a JR and Stephen Morris is a freshman."

Forcier to Miami makes perfect sense. Tate is from San Diego, California. So the sun and the beach will be more like home to him than anything.  Miami is in dire need of his experience.  Their depth at QB is extremely thin.  The timing is also perfect.  Tate will have to sit out the 2011 season.  In 2012 Jacory Harris will be a senior and Tate can take the reigns all to himself in 2013. However, look for a QB battle between Tate and Harris to commence as soon as he is eligible to play.  Question is who will it be?  Jacory Harris is talented but was as inconsistent on the field as Tate was at Michigan. They both showed great flashes but also some horrid performances.  To eachs defense they both played in critical positions at very early times in their respective careers.  Lets face it. Playing QB at Michigan is different than playing QB at Miami.  There is pressure enough to win at Michigan.  However, add in the pressure to win under Coach Rodriguez so the fans and alumni will get behind the dreaded spread offense would be a burden on anyone.  At Miami, Tate will be able to show the nation what kind of quarterback he truly is.  Jacory may have the legs but Forcier has the accuracy and arm to get the ball their wideouts.  Is he the one-time heisman contender, as he was after the 09 Notre Dame game? Or the 'fumbleious' type QB that was never able to turn-the-corner?  I guess we will all have to find out together! Good luck Tate!

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