Tisk...Tisk..Ohio State!

Why is it Ohio State cannot stay out of headlines for more than a few weeks at a time?  Over the last few years they have been involved in numerous illegal, immoral and unethical issues.  Here a story of yet another former Ohio State player that is facing some heavy jail-time.

It was bad enough Ohio State officials allowed convicted felon Maurice Clarett to re-enroll at Ohio State after serving almost four years in prison.  He was previously doing time for aggravated robbery with a firearm for an incident that occurred on Jan. 1, 2006, in which he robbed two people in an alley behind a Columbus bar.  He was also doing time for carrying a concealed weapon which was related to an incident on Aug. 9, 2006, in which he was arrest after a car chase by police. 

Call me crazy but to me, that would not be the ideal person you would want representing your school out there in the corporate world.  While at most schools being a felon and an alum would be something that doesn't quite bond well together, in this case it is a perfect match for, as Coach Hoke refers it, "that school in Ohio."

Just in the last few months they have been in the news for numerous ethical, illegal and immoral issues.  In December five Ohio State players were suspended for selling memorabilia they received as rewards for on-the-field success, jerseys and obtaining free tattoos from local tattoo parlors in Columbus.  To start the 2011 season; Terrelle Pryor, Mike Adams, Dan Herron, DeVier Posey and Solomon Thomas are all suspended for the first five games for their involvement in the infamous "Tattoo-Gate."

A few weeks ago Christopher Carter, one of Ohio State's recruits in their 2011 recruiting class, was arrested for "fondling up to as many as eight girls."  OSU Carter Arrested   Apparently, charges were never officially filed against Carter.  To me that is a statement that is suspect.  Eight girl all accuse him of fondling and all of the sudden the Cleveland Police Department says they don't have enough evidence?  Crazy!   It is just another chapter in a long book of Ohio States corruption, cheating and pay-for-play methods that mirror those of the S.E.C.

Yesterday former Ohio State quarterback Art Schlicther was arrested for stealing more than $1 million dollars from a 68-year old woman in suburban Columbus, Ohio. 
Art Schlichter Charged in $1 Mil Theft

Taking advantage of a 68-year old elderly woman is beyond ridiculous.  Art should feel the wrath of the full extent of the law.  It is obvious his ten-year stint in the penitentiary didn't teach him a darn thing.   While more and more Ohio State players and former players are caught in legal-battles and scandals why is it no one outside of Michigan sees the correlation between Ohio State and penitentiaries all over the country?  As the ole' saying goes, "where there is smoke, there is fire," in Ohio State's case that smoke and fire has been going on for years. 

Bottom line is Ohio State is a joke.  It is a win-at-all-costs type of institution.  They don't care about developing young men into successful men.  All they care for is winning and winning by cheating and being immoral and un-ethical.  I have a wish that one day the NCAA will wake up and realize all the scams and garbage Ohio State is involved in will finally be brought out.  Is it coincidental that Ohio States dirty tenure under Coach Tressel had been under at time when the former NCAA president worked at Ohio State for a number of years?

Until the schools cleans its act up it need to be titled, "The (un-ethical) Ohio State University."

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